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Register for Arch Anime

Registration is now open for advance pre-registration. This year’s badges will be made of hard plastic. Prices will increase the longer you wait to register, so be sure to register early once registration is open.

Thank you for coming.

Super-low full 3-day price.

You can register online, or at the convention.

Can't register soon? Here are our future prices:
Weekend (Fri to Sun) Registration
July 30 - Oct 30, 2015
Weekend (Fri to Sun) Registration
October 30 - Jan 20, 2016
Weekend (Fri to Sun) Registration
January 20 - Mar 20, 2016
Weekend (Fri to Sun) Registration
March 20 - May 30, 2016
Weekend (Fri to Sun) Registration
Starts May. 30, 2016

The convention dates: June 3 - 5, 2016

Why should I pre-register?
Pre-registration gets you into the convention faster at our registration desk. The price is cheaper online or more at the door. Cash only at the door.

Badges are absolutely required.
If you're within 30 feet of the convention center and don't have a badge (and don't plan to buy one), we'll ask you to leave. We take the integrity and safety of our congoers as our absolute priority. People who have not provided their registration information are not allowed.

Why so cheap?
We're not using all of the convention center this year, so we feel it's only fair to charge a smaller price. We're still doing everything we can to make a really fun convention.

Refund Policy
In general, we have a no refunds policy. Badges are not transferable and not refundable. However limited exceptions exist, for example refunds will only be issued for military deployment or death. In general illness or family emergencies don't mean refunds - you can't get a refund for concert tickets, so you can't get a refund for conventions.

How can I be a dealer or artist?
We have set up a page for Dealers & Artists on our website. Please check it out.

Children's badges
Children under 7 don't need a badge, but must be with a parent.